P.A.R. Patented One-Piece Tire

P.A.R. Patented Plunger Can

Pivot Bracket Assembly

Erosion Shield

Air Ports/Vane Wheels

Classifier Blade

Grinding Table

Other Pulverizer Parts

After years of successful hands-on experience, P.A.R. Alloy has developed a time and money saving response to the constant maintenance problems of the pulverizer. The result is a complete, P.A.R. Alloy pulverizer retrofit, which has literally changed the operation and maintenance expectations throughout the coal fired utility industry.

P.A.R. Alloy's Castings Division currently holds major patents on technological breakthroughs for the pulverizer, including the one-piece tire and the cast plunger can.
The results following a P.A.R. retrofit are dramatic:
  • 50% or better reduction in maintenance costs per ton of coal, compared to a standard O.E.M. equipped pulverizer
  • Increased coal fineness
  • Longer wear life
  • Significant decrease in amperage requirement
  • Substantial decrease in the downtime required to accomplish a total rebuild

    It's a proven fact... P.A.R.-equipped pulverizers do a better job.

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