This is only a partial list of the type of work we do.  Don't see what you are looking for?  Send us an e-mail!

Abrasion Resistant Plate up to 500 BHN
Stainless Steel Plate, Hybrid SS
Custom Castings
Metal Fabrications
Machine Shop Services
Reverse Engineering 
Pulverizer Parts for CE, F/W, B&W, Riley
Complete Pulverizer Rebuild Capabilities
Circulating Fluidized Bed Parts and Materials
Custom Air Register Solutions
Axial Flow Fan Blades
Gearbox, Replacement and Rebuild
Loose Gearing
Boiler Pressure Parts - Straight Tube, Tube Bends,
   Tube Shields, Economizers, Superheaters
Cooling Tower Parts - Drift Eliminators,
   Fill, Nozzles, Louvers, Casing & Decking
Mechanical and Structural Piping
Abrasion Resistant Weld Overlay Products, Pipe,
   Elbows, Plate and Special Design
Bearings, Roller Bearing Replacement
Expansion Joints, All Types
Dampers and Diverters
Pre-Cast and Pre-Fired Refractory Shapes
Conveyor Assemblies, Drag Chain, Gears, Motors
Mechanical Collector Parts
SS (Inconel) Screens, Belts and Mesh
Other Custom Solutions - Call us at 303.455.5700!

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